Security concept

Several outstanding features of GRAVIO will make it a personal security advisor and officer.

First, the natural language communication feature helps to use connected devices and establish communication while user is extremely occupied and in case of emergency, when the person has no time to switch interface windows or type any text. GRAVIO will learn appropriate vocabulary and semantics in order to communicate with the user effectively and provide communications with GRAVIO devices for home and car, personal assistant of the user’s kid, a.s.o.

For example, a simple question “Where are you ?”, addressed to a kid’s assistant, will return back his position. The same question may be addressed to the - if the user forgot where he had left the auto.

From the other side, "car" or "home" devices will react to the events that require user's attention by sending him message with an appropriate picture made by VR or home security camera if it is needed. Taking care of a child, the assistant would study his usual routes and, if there is a considerable deviation, it will send an alert about the unusual location and/or an abnormal route.

Attending an outpatient at his/her home, the assistant will analyze medical sensors data stream (heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, etc.) in order to recognize the emergency in time and send a message to the user immediately. So the user would have a chance to respond quickly and decide whether to contact the patient, ask the assistant for additional data or to call an ambulance.

Eventually, GRAVIO will:

  • Compound an absolutely secure personal area IoT network, including smart house elements, cars, home medical devices, home security system elements, and a variety of smart stuff from smartphones and tablets of family members, home laptops and desktops to new kinds of devices to be developed in the future.

  • Look after children and grandchildren, help to take care of people with disabilities and patients undergoing outpatient treatment at home.

  • Create a unified family security contour and an alert system to warn about potential or past incidents.

GRAVIO will make the user's environment comfortable and safe. GRAVIO will reduce distance between the user and his/her family and will take some of his problems.

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