• Andrew Demuskov

Graviocoin Core v0.1.8 Released: GRAVIO.MAIL

We are glad to introduce a brand new service within GRAVIO Ecosystem - GRAVIO.Mail. This is decentralized, highly secured mail service built on the mainstream GRAVIO blockchain.

To start exchange secured mail messages you must to setup “friendship” with your recipient. To do that you need just write a simple “hello” message to the GIO address you want to.

Your counterpart must make a reply, using “Reply” button and sent “hello” message back to you.

So, “friendship” was established just after that procedure and you and your counterpart may continue exchanging mail messages, but from this point all of correspondence between you and your counterpart will be encrypted with elliptic curve encryption technique (public/private and secret keys).

More information

1 - Create a new message
2 - Sent or received mark
4 - Reply to your counterpart
3 - Encrypted mark. If this mark exists - no one, except you and your counterpart, can see subject or mail body. Even in deserialized transaction state:

Try it!

You can download new version from https://gravio.net/downloads. All you need is just install and get absolutely secured, independent, decentralized mail service.

PS. Localizations will be available later. Now we releasing an English version.

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