• Andrew Demuskov

GRAVIO Mid-term plans for the New Year!

1/ We going to start limited beta-testing of our GRAVIO.APP around 17-20 of jan-2018.

If you want to become a beta-tester - pls, apply this form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1k6llF5mEwjnP1KKrEuhyxS4o2uxinRn-YxN3Bg1t5D0

2/ We will introduce very first business-model of “GRAVITY Actions”, that is based on GRAVIO network. White paper will be available 10-12 of jan-2018.

3/ We going to make major changes to the GRAVIEX Exchange till the end of jan-2018:

  • We will open direct pairs trading BTC/LTC, BTC/DOGE & etc (with resonable fee). GIO markets will remain fee-free.

  • We will open ETH markets.

4/ We going to make tight integration of GRAVIO Multi-wallet and GRAVIEX Exchange to deliver very simple and understandable way to buy/sell any of BTC, LTC, DOGE, GIO coins. This will be made till feb-2018.

5/ Till the end of mar-2018 we going to make a choice for our main authority. Now we plan to initiate several negotiation processes with potential suitable jurisdictions. First of all this will concerning GRAVIO and of course GRAVIEX in case of working with fiat.

6/ Well, around mar-apr-2018 we going to prepare and emit GRAVIO Security Tokens, that will represent a shares of the GRAVIO company.

And we wish to all of us a Happy New Year!



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