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GRAVIO.APP v0.1 Announce

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

We are working under first release of our basic GRAVIO.APP. So, we are ready to present a first functional review of our future app.

Basic GRAVIO.APP - is the apps (modules) container. Every app represented by the separate icon on the main page. Tapping on the concrete icon you can “run” corresponding module. Top-left menu contains all apps list and serves as shortcuts to the apps. Top-right menu - is a context specific action(s). “Gear” icon on the main page, for example, is a tool command, that allowing to run paged dialog with your GRAVIO account settings.

Once you had installed GRAVIO.APP from Apple AppStore or from Google Play Market - you do not need make any additional actions to maintain your application. GRAVIO.APP takes care about itself. If any new module had published or old one had renewed - GRAVIO.APP could make background updates (if you allow to do that, of course).

All of depicted apps on the main page - is a mid future apps planned to implementation and most of them with rich and unique services. Moreover all of these apps will be built on the highly secured, hyperconvergent, based on decentralization and multi-blockchain principles - GRAVIO.WAVE framework. So, every service or module will provide most robust and confidential way to enable digital freedom for the end user ever before.

In a near future (02/2018) we plan to release very first release of GRAVIO.APP with following apps (modules):

  • Contacts

  • Mail

  • Wallet

Note: All UI sketches was taken from GRAVIO functional specifications and final UI will be presented a bit later.


This is first and one of key apps - your contacts container. Every person from contact list must have a GRAVIO Ecosystem Identity - address. Address is unique user id across the Ecosystem. If you want to contact with somebody - you must know his/her address (strictly speaking - GIO-acceptable address). And if you have it (counterpart address) - you can freely use GRAVIO.MAIL, GRAVIO.CHAT or any other integrated service. And of course you can use that GIO address to send GIOs to your counterpart or, as example - pay for the service or goods in a public places where GIOs is accepted (in a near future, may be :)


Classic look-and-feel mail user client build on GRAVIO basic blockchain. This is mobile version of GRAVIO.MAIL: the same awesome security and confidence. You can freely send messages from mobile mail client to the desktop users and vice versa.

Meet a simple and very intuitive UI and functions:

On the first sketch we see a minimalistic-style messages list with ability to:

  • Search by any entered text through any message field - from, subject, message body or date

  • View whether concrete message is encrypted and/or has a reply

  • Three tabs - “Inbox”, “Send” and “Trash”. This is just a labels for the messages you see. Thrashed messages will never be deleted, because all of the messages is a part of primary GRAVIO blockchain.

One more interesting thing - GRAVIO.MAIL has a self-antispam technique, because every mail message need to pay a transaction fee. Also we plan to make changes to the consensus proto and fee calculation to take on account user activity. So, if user makes a lot of mail messages in a dedicated time slice - message fee will proportionally increase, and when user going to slow down his activity - fee proportionally goes down too.

On the second sketch we see (that happened when you tap on, for example, Bob’s message):

  • Message main attributes: from, subject and date

  • Message body

  • On bottom-left corner escape to the previous screen

  • On bottom-right corner - make a reply

Third sketch represents a “reply” page with very common message attributes and controls.


Multi-wallet is a one of central units of the GRAVIO.APP. This is your gateway to the cryptocurrency world. Our multi-wallet will be able to connect most popular cryptocurrencies. In near future we plan to release ability to park GIO, BTC, LTC, ETH. And of course you can freely make or receive payments wherever your been. Moreover, it will tightly connected to the GRAVIEX API to bring ability for the simple and persistent cryptocurrency exchange.

Wallet has a very simple and intuitive UI:

On the first sketch - “Summary page” we see the following:

  • We can check balances and see recent transactions

  • We able to “park” or add new coin (BTC, LTC, ETH) - “Plus” icon. GIO will be available by default for each user.

  • We able to move to the exchange with “Buy/Sell” icon (bottom-right corner).

  • We can slice the screen to move to the next parked coin’s “Summary page”

When you tap to the coin icon you can see the “Transactions” screen, second sketch:

  • With ability to search by any field

  • Also we see the “send” and “received” transaction mark and “confirmation” left-side of exact transaction

  • On bottom-left corner escape to the previous screen

  • On bottom-right corner - make a “send” transaction

Third sketch represents a “Send transaction”:

  • There we able to select recipient or scan QR code with encoded payment requisites

  • Enter amount

  • Write, if applicable, assisting text message

  • Manually enter transaction fee, if automatic calculation seems to inadequate to the current situation

  • We see total amount (amount + fee)

  • And we can send prepared payment

All of the depicted functionality will be released in jan/feb 2018. Beta-testing we plan to start at 12/2017.

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