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GRAVIEX Listing rules

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

Listing procedure:

1. Fill in Listing request form - GRAVIEX Exchange listing request form.

2. Remember the code phrase/word, specified by you in the Listing request form.

  • Please, notice! In accordance with the Exchange Security Policy, any discussions about listing details between users in messenger publics are strictly prohibited. Any official correspondence upon this matter is conducted by means of the official email of graviex.net domain. The secret code must be specified in any message between participants. All applicants’ messages without their secret code will be considered as untrusted. If an applicant for some reasons doesn’t have a secret code, the applicant should re-apply for the listing to avoid incidents.

3. The consideration of your request takes up to 5 days. In case of approval of your request, our specialist will contact you.

4. Coin developer's obligations after an approval of the listing request:

  • Coin Developer should publish GRAVIEX banner in his ANN thread. We reserve the right to add a comment with more extensive information about the exchange in the ANN thread.

  • Coin Developer should inform GRAVIEX staff using any official channel (preferably - https://t.me/graviex) about changes in the coin network (hard-forks, new releases).

  • Coin Developer should inform GRAVIEX staff using any official channel (preferably - https://t.me/graviex) about relevance of the coin information, that was located on the GRAVIEX Funds page.

  • Coin Developer should provide contact information for the urgent and operational communication.

  • Minimum monthly trading volume should exceed 3 BTC. In case of absence of necessary volumes the GRAVIEX reserves the right to raise the issue of delisting the coin by notifying the developer of the coin.

  • Once and when the listing procedure was completed a coin developer must ensure the GRAVIEX Exchange information to be exposed on the same resources where the information about the coin is represented (Official site, ANN thread, Twitter, Facebook, Discord & etc).

  • Once and when the listing procedure was completed a coin developer should join official GRAVIEX coin developers Telegram group (invitation will be sent only through official channel to the coin developer).

Banner URL - https://i.imgur.com/lLE6iEW.png

5. If your request is not responded within 5 days, it means your application has been rejected.

  • Please, notice! In compliance with Graviex Exchange policy the service has the right not to explain the reasons of rejection.

However, in spite of a refusal, you and your community may take part in the Voting and, if winning, get your coin listed on GRAVIEX Exchange!

Voting procedure:

1. Fill in Voting request form - GRAVIEX Exchange voting request form.

  • Please, notice! Only the following coin codebases are supported in the voting: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Pivx, CryptoNote, Lisk. If for any reason the codebase of your coin does not correspond to any of the codebases specified in the Voting request, the funds raised during the voting for this coin are NOT to be returned to the voters!

2. After filling in the form you, your colleagues, and friends of your community should deposit at least 3 000 000 GIO votes and thus your coin may occupy one of the 3 positions in the Voting Candidates list.

  • Voting GIO deposit address will be specified for your coin in the Voting Candidates list.

  • There are TWO ways to acquire GIO: 1. To purchase GIO on GRAVIEX GIO/BTC market. 2. Via mining on http://miningpool.gravio.net/.

  • If any of the Candidates will deposit a sum of GIO greater than yours, then that participant takes a higher position in the voting list, even up to expelling your coin from the three Winners list. However, your coin could have chance to win next 3 days.

3. The winners will be defined 2 times a week - every Tuesday and Friday at 12:00 UTC.

  • If your coin holds one of the 3 positions on the leaderboard, on one of these days (Tuesday or Friday), it means your coin will be listed on Graviex Exchange during next 3 days since the day of the announcement.

  • Voting winners will be announced in all official Graviex public Telegram groups.

4. Here you can follow the voting progress - Voting Candidates list.

If you have any difficulties, contact us!

Ticket: https://graviex.net/tickets/new

Telegram groups: t.me/graviex and t.me/ru_graviex

E-mail: ex@gravio.net


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