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GRAVIEX Fees, Bonuses & Order price step

Updated: Jun 25, 2018


Market’s trade fee equals 0.2% of an order amount. The fee amount is deducted from the order and in the order coin. The fee is charged only when an order is executed. In case of cancellation of an order before its execution, the fee is NOT written off.

Withdrawal fee is charged only to cover the network fee and is equal to 0.002 coin units for all kinds of coins EXCEPT FOR:

  • BTC – 0.0004 BTC

  • ETH - 0.0055 ETH

  • DOGE - 2.0 DOGE

  • NYC - 1.0 NYC

Order price step

When placing orders, please, note that an order price step is possible even with -

  • 0.1 sat = 0.0000 0000 1 step.


The standard market’s trade free is equals 0.2% of the order amount. If you want to get a 50% fee discount, you need to make GIO deposit. GIO deposit amount should be >= 5,000,000 GIO on your’s exchange balance. Thus, the trade fee will be only 0.1% of the order amount.

Note: The fees rates and bonuses can be changed unilaterally by the GRAVIEX Exchange with the preliminary publication of changes on this page.

Note: We do NOT charge any fee for your crediting or withdrawing for a chosen currency (USD, RUB, EUR) to/from your GRAVIEX account.

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