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GRAVIEX exchange service FAQ

Updated: Jan 10, 2021


VIDEO GUIDES. Dear users, here you can find helpful How-to and Video reviews of GRAVIEX Exchange!

1. HELP! I asked a question in Discord/Telegram/Twitter, but it's still not answered!

In our public groups you can get help on general issues from all participants, as well as, from Graviex support team. But, if you have a specific problem while working on Graviex exchange, please, notify us by sending a Ticket (https://graviex.net/tickets/new) with a detailed description of the issue and Graviex support team will check it in a timely manner. All users’ tickets will be replied!


2.1 ACCESS issues. I can't access https://graviex.net site!

Please, try to restart your browser, clear its cache (or use another browser) and check once more. If this does not help, you should send all the details of your issue (with screenshots of errors) to our email service@graviex.net

2.2 TWO-FACTOR Authentication. Google Authentication doesn't accept my Code - errors all the time! What should I do?

To resolve your problem, try the following steps:

1. Visit https://time.is on your mobile (where Two-FA app is installed) and PC - check, and correct the difference in time values. To make your time precise is easy if to turn on the option "Automatic date and time" in your mobile clock settings.

2. If (1) was done, re-sync Google Authenticator (the option in the app settings).

3. If (2) was done, but you still get an error - sign-out, clear your browser’s cache, close it, then open and try to sign-in with Two-FA again.

4. If (3) was done, but you still get an error - please, send the details of your issue to service@graviex.net

3. SIGN UP (Account creation).

3.1 E-MAIL verification. I don't see your verification link in my mailbox, what should I do?

You could try to search our letter in the folder "Junk". If it is not there, perhaps at the moment your mail service has technical problems. Try to use another mailbox for registration on Graviex (preferably to use reliable, large mail services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Live, Yandex, etc.).

3.2 GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR. I want to change my phone (or reinstall its software)! What should I do to avoid losing my GA?

In case if you are planning to change your mobile or reinstall its software, before this we highly recommend to disable Two-Factor Authentication in your user’s profile at Graviex (https://graviex.net/settings). And after all changes with your mobile you'll setup Two-FA on Graviex again, without any problems.

4. VERIFICATION. Why should I go through? What's the difference in account types?

GRAVIEX User Accounts types - The only option to recover the access to an account when needed is to verify it with your selfie and a photo of your ID. Otherwise any data you provide for recovery will be considered as stolen and compromised. Trade safe!

4.1 Why was my verification rejected? I've sent a photo!

The reason is you've not sent a clear photo of your ID Document or recognizable selfie with those ID Document in hands. They BOTH are needed! And, please, check again all the fields in the Account Verification form and edit if needed.

5. DEPOSIT ADDRESS. Deposit address field is empty! How can i get the address?

By default the list of coins is filtered to display wallets with Non-Zero balance. At the top right there is a switch ‘Empty (ON/OFF)’ which can be enabled to display the full list of coins listed on Graviex. And, if you want to generate a new Deposit address, you should click on the 'Refresh' button near the 'Address' field.

6. DIVIDENDS. We are happy to announce that any our client can become a GRAVIEX partner and receive dividends in BTC coin from BTC turnover on the GRAVIEX Exchange.

GRAVIEX Dividends

7. FEES. What about fees on GRAVIEX exchange service?

GRAVIEX Fees, Bonuses & Order price step

8. ORDERS. How can i cancel the Order?

To cancel one of your orders you just need to choose the appropriate pair of coins (Markets) and click on the selected order line. If you couldn't find your open orders, please, try to find it in the Orders section of your account - https://graviex.net/orders. Also you could check your account history (https://graviex.net/history/orders) - there is a filter bar for quick search (for example, you can search for word "Оpen").

Please, notice: one of Graviex features is the Order price step equal 0.1 sat = 0.0000 0000 1 to provide an option for flexible pricing

9. TRADE RULES. Where can I find information about limits when placing orders?

GRAVIEX Trade Rules

10. WITHDRAWAL LIMIT. What are the daily limit for withdrawals of funds for unverified accounts?

Withdrawal daily limit for unverified accounts is about 2 BTC and specified in the Funds section of your account (on the withdrawal page) for each coin.

GRAVIEX User Accounts types

Notice!  GRAVIEX do NOT charge any fee for your crediting or withdrawing a fiat currencies (USD, RUB, EUR)!

11. WALLETS INFO. Where can i find the current *** wallet status? What is your wallet version for * * * coin? What is the current list of nodes for * * * wallet?

Here you can find the current info about wallets for all listed coins - GRAVIEX Wallets List.

12. LISTING. I am a developer, I want my coins to be listed on Graviex. What should i do?

Here you can find the GRAVIEX Listing policy. If you want your coin to get listed, please, fill in the GRAVIEX Listing Request form and you will be contacted by our officials responsible for listing issues.

12.1 My listing request has been rejected, what can I do about it?

If your listing request has been refused, Graviex grants the opportunity to take part in the voting and win the right to get your coin listed!

GRAVIEX Voting rules

GRAVIEX Voting request

12.2 LISTING PRICE. What is the listing price?

The listing price depends on cryptocurrency project specification and is a matter of private discussion only after cryptocurrency developer's providing the GRAVIEX Listing request form.

12.3 TOKENS. Do you support Tokens listing?

Yes, GRAVIEX supports the listing of Tokens (for example ERC-20 and some others).

13. DELISTING. To keep transparent and regardful relationships with our Customers we suggest to learn more about GRAVIEX Delisting policy.

GRAVIEX Delisting policy

14. API. Where can I find information about API on Graviex?

Here you can find all info about Graviex APIv3 - https://graviex.net/documents/api_v3

15. REFERRAL PROGRAM. We have developed a special referral program, which will provide all its participants with an option to receive the permanent additional revenue in real-time mode.

GRAVIEX Referral Program

16. GIO. Where can i find GRAVIO coin technical details?

GRAVIO coin technical details

Graviocoin Swap details

17. GIO Desktop Wallet. Where can I find a quick guide to installing the GRAVIO coin wallet?

Graviocoin Desktop Wallet Installation and Staking Guide

18. GIO PoS-mining (staking). I want to start Graviocoin mining, where can i find the info about it?

Graviocoin Desktop Wallet Installation and Staking Guide

19. GRAVIEX MOBILE APP. It will let you keep your finger on the pulse of market news and not to miss any good piece of business!

GRAVIEX Mobile app for Android

GRAVIEX Mobile app for Apple iOS

And here is quick How-to for Graviex Mobile app


If you have any difficulties, contact us:

Ticket to support: https://graviex.net/tickets/new

E-mail: service@graviex.net

Telegram groups: https://t.me/graviex and https://t.me/ru_graviex

Twitter: https://twitter.com/graviex_net

Discord: https://discord.gg/vDFq5VB


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