• Andrew Demuskov

GRAVIEX Annouce v0.3.0

Dear community!

We are glad to present an updated cryptocurrency exchange - GRAVIEX Exchange (http://graviex.net). GRAVIEX Exchange has been released first in 2017 for the GIO coin (Graviocoin - https://gravio.net). And the first and main purpose of the GRAVIEX was to enable GIO trading for the crypto-community.

We’d made significant changes in GRAVIEX since first release: UI redesign & refactoring, strengthened protection of the wallets, increased trading performance. Also we made extended price range for the coins. So we’ve made it possible to set order price in 0.1 satoshi.

Our goal is to provide comfortable trading process, and that's why our commissions on withdrawals are lowest on the market, also the process of placing funds to trading account has been drastically accelerated. So, now you can be sure you’ll never miss a profitable deal.

We understand that funds volume and turnover on GRAVIEX will constantly increase and that is why we give some bonuses that help to diminish market’s fee for the orders up to 50% (https://www.gravio.net/blog/graviex-fees-bonuses).

We have a solid, stable and highly-qualified team: 3 technical support specialists will provide quick assistance to our clients on any issues related to the exchange around the clock, 2 programmers will ensure continuous improvement of the exchange functionality, 1 security engineer will ensure maximum safety of your deposits, and 2 analysts will select the most promising coins for the GRAVIEX.

As practice has shown the biggest potential for the growth and, accordingly, the investor's appeal is primarily appropriate to new coins, but unfortunately young and promising coins rarely have enough funds to pay for listing. That is why we’ve made very flexible listing conditions.

We have great evolvement plans for of GRAVIEX Exchange (https://graviex.net) and GRAVIO Ecosystem (https://gravio.net) at all. Here are just few of them:

  • Adding new customizable indicators

  • Stop orders with simultaneous stop loss and take profit

  • Quick buy market orders

  • POS mining on deposits

  • … and much more

At the moment, closed phase of GRAVIO.APP testing is coming to the end and soon we plan to launch public testing phase. After that we’re planing to develop GRAVIO.APP module for the GRAVIEX Exchange with full trading functionality.

We’re doing our best to create a comfortable environment for the miners, traders and investors by creating and supporting a mutually beneficial Ecosystem for all of them.



Additional useful information

Listing rules and trading conditions

- Listing rules - https://www.gravio.net/blog/graviex-listing-rules - Fees & bonuses - https://www.gravio.net/blog/graviex-fees-bonuses


- Quick How-To - https://youtu.be/KoSjkoUVM_I - Telegram - https://t.me/graviex - Twitter - https://twitter.com/graviex_net - GRAVIEX - https://graviex.net/tickets/new

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