• Andrew Demuskov

GIO Web Wallet initial release!

Graviocoin Web Wallet v 0.1 released. It's a very simple implementation of GIO Wallet with basic functions.

You can send and receive funds, setup 2F authentication, make a couple of receiving addresses and you can send and receive messages to/from GIO addresses. That messages become a part of the GRAVIO blockchain.

You simple enter GIO address of the recipient and write message text. Than just select "Send" button and your message will be wrapped into transaction and sent to the GIO network. Of course you can enter amount of funds you want to transfer, but if you just want to send a message that is not necessary (wallet chooses a very small amount to push your message).

So exactly after you send your message you can find list of sent or received messages and last 10 transactions:

Try GIO Web Wallet - https://wallet.gravio.net

Join us!

PS. It's a very important - you MUST use HTTPS to processed correctly.

PPS. Next week we plan to release Graviocoin Core 0.1.7 with extended messaging functionality. This release will include an option to encrypt message text (so anyone can read your messages excluding your recipient). Stay tuned!

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