Software product designed to monitor processes in real time when performing operations on the well. It can function standalone and being integrated with Jet.Geoservices as one automated system.

The product allows arranging for the collection and publication of information in real time about any processes taking place on the well at all stages of its life cycle, in particular:


  • Logging data from any logging stations that support or do not support exchange protocols WITS/WITSML;

  • Data from the embedded systems of drilling rig parameters control (InfoDrill - Bentec; AutoDriller - Drillmec, etc.);

  • Data from a variety of external Drilling Parameters Control Stations;

  • Data from cementing control stations;

  • Data from downhole teleSystem that support or do not support WITS/WITSML exchange protocols;

  • Hydraulic fracturing data;

  • Data (mode settings) from chemical well processing plants;

  • Data (mode settings) from the coiled tubing units;

  • Wellbore telemetry data (any MODBUS equipment)

  • Data from any other equipment connected via the documented protocols;

The product also allows connecting any non-standard equipment, provided there is a technological opportunity to obtain data due to a specialized procedure of designing adapters for production equipment.

Jet.Monitoring allows publishing telemetry data with updates made in real time at any number of monitored work stations. A situation center operation mode is supported. For geographically distributed enterprises it is possible to create several regional segments for collecting telemetry data, interconnected and, as appropriate, connected to the Centre.


Specialized Telemetry Data Visualization Module makes it possible to design any type of Tablet PC with data presentation in the form of charts, special scales, as well as indicators to display instantaneous values. The Visualization Module also includes a tool for 3D wellbore trajectory modeling based on MWD data, as well as a specialized tool to monitor buckling in real time.


The online simulation service that is an integral part of the solution allows analyzing incoming data flow in real time under standard and user defined models and thus identifying anomalies, emergency and pre-emergency situations.


Any telemetry data can be published in WITSML standard to arrange for their export to third-party software (PETREL, Schlumberger Drilling Office etc.).


Access to the telemetry data can also be provided to the customer of operations. The company defines the scope of rights to be provided to the customers of operations.