Software product, that automates production processes in oilfield service companies in real time. The product is primarily focused on geophysical companies and companies providing high-tech oil services (well drilling, well overhaul, nitric treatment and acidization, hydrofracturing operations, etc.)

The product is intended for the automation of medium and large enterprises, including those distributed geographically. The solution makes it possible to provide integrated automation of order processing - from accepting applications to work completion and financial settlement with the customer.


The following processes are completely automated:

  • Production logistics, including control over the flow of orders, batches/brigades, transport, special equipment and machinery (well equipment, perforation systems, etc.) including the repair cycle.

  • Prompt personnel management, including control of competences, special permits, industrial safety checks and other periodic monitoring activities, as well as work time accounting. Peculiarities of the Russian law are taken into account with regard to providing access to the personal data of employees.

  • Service contract management work, including financial conditions (including algorithms for calculating the price of services), as well as the conditions that define the order execution procedure (in connection with the production logistics unit), as well as the entire flow of customer settlement documents, including the calculation of work service orders (including counter penalties and fines), making WSO registers.


The modular structure of the solution allows customizing components for a particular customer to cover all the needs without having to install useless/unused components.


Multidimensional Analysis Unit helps organize both static reporting (historical data) and the reporting changing in real time (current data) of any kind, including with the use of business graphics and other data visualization methods.


Events Management Service allows tracking events that occur in the process and notifying relevant experts of what has happened, including via e-mail and SMS messages. Details of past events are stored in the system for further analysis. Occurrence of an event, if it is stipulated by the contracts signed with the customer and reflected in the system, may entail either a change in the order processing procedure, or financial implications (charging penalties, revision of the amounts charged, etc.)

The system make control (in real-time mode) of all periodic checks that influence the production cycle, in particular checks of occupational safety knowledge, special skills, terms of permits and certificates, measuring instruments timing calibration, periodic maintenance, and inspections of special machinery by state authorities, and many others. Depending on the corporate policy, a procedure of reacting to such events (early maturity warning, blocking specific events, such as release of vehicles, assignment of an expert, etc.)


External Interfaces Service allows organizing interaction of the proposed solution with other software products and data bases that are used by the company, such as 1C, MS Dynamics, SAP and others. It is possible to organize the interaction with any external information system that has a documented interface.


In case of a geographically distributed company, the product allows personalizing processes for each of the branches, given their specificities, or, on the contrary, organizing standardized processes across the enterprise.


If necessary, it is possible to arrange for a B2B interface to simplify customer relations (giving the customer ordering operations an opportunity to file an order and to monitor performance, including monitoring of technological indicators as well as a video stream from the site provided that communication channels have sufficient throughput capacity), exchange of materials and documents, harmonization of financial documents, provision of consolidated reporting, etc. The company defines the scope of rights to be provided to the customers of operations through the embed access rights regulation procedure.