How to install with AVAST

Of course, we do declare our software is free of viruses and any malicious code, but we understand the concernment of community about the security issues.

We reproduced the situation and sent the official complaint of false positive to AVAST team and to appropriate AVAST subforum.

We developed and tested a workaround procedure for everybody who do not want to wait for the reply from AVAST team. A brief description is provided below.

  • Include a file link to the trusted sites list (Control Panel\Browser Settings\Security) - for example - if the link is:

one must include to trusted sites list.

For all Sourceforge links one must include to trusted sites list.

  • Make sure that the check box “Not to scan trusted sites” in AVAST settings is checked.

  • Restart your browser and try to download the file once more. Please keep in mind that if your download have been already blocked, you may need to reboot your PC before the next attempt.

  • Start the setup and follow instructions.

  • At the last step, while executing the wallet software, let the AVAST to check the file. It will estimate the scanning time to be about 15 seconds, but in reality it lasts up to several minutes. Then AVAST will report the file is free of malware and will allow you to continue.