Graphic novels

GRAVIO usecases illustrated

My car

Seasonal tires replacement

Main focuses:

GRAVIO suggests scheduled (planned events) tasks autonomously according to specified user’s interests.

GRAVIO knows habitual user’s route from home to work. Therefore it doesn’t ask where (up to 500 m within the route radius) and which time to make an appointment (GRAVIO knows user’s work schedule). GRAVIO doesn’t offer an enormous number of search results (though they are relevant), but selects the most appropriate variant considering user’s route and schedule.


GRAVIO unites all functional capabilities of electronic devices, so that the user even will not have to set an alarm-clock by itself. GRAVIO will do it automatically.


Car alarm system


You suddenly wake up of alarm sound (your car parked in the yard)...

Main focuses:

  • GRAVIO could diagnose event threat level.

  • GRAVIO captured the event by photo/video.

  • GRAVIO identified the new user’s preference which indicates that the object captured by photos (is a dog and it) is not dangerous (threat).

  • GRAVIO tested the alarm system sensibility and proposed to introduce some changes.


Search of travelling companions

Usually you get to your workplace on the car. On the way you frequently buy coffee in Starbucks. Another day while waiting for your order you receive a smartphone notification)...


  • GRAVIO choosed the passengers considering user’s habitual route. Passengers selection is not limited by the routs. It can be based on the interests, as it would be more pleasure to communicate with people you are interested in.  

  • The transaction (deal) between the driver and a passenger is direct, without any third parties (like Uber, Bla bla car and others) involved and can be paid by GIO

Main focuses: