Earnings concept

Each user in the system will have his own personal account - GRAVIO Coin (GIO) Wallet. When registering with the GRAVIO Ecosystem, the user will receive a number of GIO tokens on his GRAVIO Wallet. 

GIO Wallet will resides on GRAVIO servers. So users will deal with it through lightweight client app (GRAVIO app). GRAVIO servers and apps communication and subsequent information storing will be built on the extremely secure principles (see Information security concept).

In various public groups the user can post digital content and set prices for it (photos, videos, business intelligence, etc.) User can create a paid group and set a fee for participation in it (tuition, stock market predictions and many more).

In this case, when publishing a material, the user can add to it some attributes and values that describe features of the offer. The material added to the proper public group, will also be gravity point, being a peculiar point without a geotag.

GRAVIO will take on all the complex monitoring of access to the paid content or control of  participation in relevant paid groups.

To organize and manage the uploaded content, users can use Content Manager. Content Manager enables flexible management of various materials that users share within groups and individually. Content Manager will organize materials by section and category and link them to the context of discussions in respective chat rooms. It will also provide a convenient interface to quickly search the contents of chat and catalogs.

Content Manager will assist in the dissemination of the materials and will provide a convenient interface to monitor access, including access to paid content.

See also - Side-by-side concept: what problems do we facing and how GRAVIO can help to solve them.